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    CRE.THI.DEV (Greece)
                   Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou
    Founder and administrator of CRE.THI.DEV., holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (University of Athens, Greece) and an MA in Design Management from DE Montfort University of Leicester. He has been Managing Director (1985-2004) and Board Advisor (2004-2009) of ELKEDE where he coordinated many European projects. He has been member of the Executive Committee of the Advisor to EU Body for Research & Technology priorities (2000-2006), member of the executive committee of EARTO – European Association of Research & Technology Organisations. Is active member of local administration since 2003. President of the Municipality of Melissia Enterprise for local development (2003-2007) and Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Pendeli (2014-2019), he has coordinated projects for the benefit of the local communities. Nowadays, he coordinates national and EU funded research and education projects on subjects such as textile, leather, food, environmental protection, entrepreneurship etc.
                                              Lina Tsakalou

    Chemical Engineer, with a degree from the Chemical Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. She holds substantial experience in the design and implementation of transnational Erasmus+ and other EU-funded research and education projects for many which she has served as the Project Quality Manager. She has previously worked at ELKEDE Technology & Design Centre SA at its Quality Department and the Quality Control Laboratory for leather and footwear, in charge of the Product Certification Office, as well as a researcher for the Environment department. She has also been a trainer on quality subjects for entrepreneurs and on laboratory quality. Since 2017, she is a project manager for CRE.THI.DEV., in several EU and nationally funded projects, dealing with an extensive range of subjects with a focus on research and quality issues, such as the LEAMAN, INNOLEA, LEATHUB and REILEAP projects, which deal with the establishment of Leather Centres in Jordan, Egypt, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

                                                Maya Dimitriadou
    Maya Dimitriadou holds a BSc in Biology from Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Since 2012 she is a member of CRE.THI.DEV, where she has worked in many ERASMUS+ projects among which projects for textile and clothing. She mainly organizes and implements the Quality Assurance issues of the different projects. Before that, she has worked in ELKEDE, Technology & Design Centre for 20 years. During this period, she participated in SPRINT projects for Clean Technologies and for Quality Assurance in the Industry as well as in the development of Quality Systems in SMEs. She has been Quality Manager (1994-2011) of the Accredited Testing Laboratory of ELKEDE and she participated in the development and implementation of its Quality System. She, also, coordinated ELKEDE’s participation in the training Project «Quality Assurance in Production” for entrepreneurs from Moldavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, and Egypt.


    IHU (Greece)
                                          Evridiki Papachristou
    Evridiki Papachristou, PhD - short bio Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer, an academic, a 3D virtual product development expert, curator, educator, consultant, writer, reviewer and rapporteur of European projects. Evridiki (Eurydice), is an Assistant Professor at the Crea%ve Design & Clothing Department of the Interna'onal Hellenic University; the only public higher educaEonal program in fashion and clothing in Greece. She teaches Digital TexEle Design, CAD PaJern CuKng Systems, 3D Prototype, Research Methodology and Basic Principles of Bodymetrics. She is also the scienEfic responsible for an Erasmus+ project, 3DGarT. AQer many years spent researching and pracEcing the effecEve integraEon of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, she is currently conducEng applied research on the intersecEon of fashion and data mining and knowledge discovery, to further the technology and its adopEon. Evridiki is also interested in the role of Industry 4.0 in creaEng insEtuEonal, social and cultural change towards more sustainable and circular pracEces. She is also a research member of the CAD/CAM Lab (Technical University of Crete- School of ProducEon Engineering & Management). Recent research projects involve a Conceptual Fashion Product Design Assisted by Ar'ficial Intelligence - AI-CFPD, and i-mannequin a Digital Pla[orm for the Design and Rapid Garment Prototyping - both co-financed by Greece and the EU. The first project aims at facilitaEng the design of clothing products, parEcularly in the field of product concept development, by providing personalized proposals to the designer as inspiraEon, by developing tool based on ArEficial Intelligence methods. The tools will work in addiEon to exisEng support systems for the development of clothing products such as Life Cycle Management Systems, CAD (Graphics), 3D Modeling systems, commonly used by companies and designers. The second project, is associated with the development of a system for automaEc digitalizaEon, rapid prototyping and seKng of parameters for clothing 3D models. In parEcular, the uElizaEon of this system is expected to improve the field of clothing industry, by meeEng specific requirements of clothing design and manufacturing companies, as well as the emerging needs in mulEmedia industry (i.e. films, games, or adverEsing) for virtual character (i.e. avatars) design and dressing up. The aim of this project is to integrate a series of innovaEons, while providing clothing 3D model creaEon in a short period, without requiring special knowledge and specializaEon by the potenEal user.

    CIAPE (Italy)
                                                                Desiree Scalia
    Bachelor Degree in European Economics, Master Degree in International Relations and MBA in International Business and Sustainability with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Active in the field of EU projects since 2008; has experience consulting both public and private organizations and in the management of projects and connected activities, such as research, reporting and communication activities; she has been working in projects in the field of training, research and development, environment and circular economy, entrepreneurship both funded by direct and structural funds. She is also a trainer in EU project management and business models. She is certified as LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.

    CITEVE (Portugal)
                                                                   Alexandra Cardoso
    Has a specialisation in Management and a degree in Psychopedagogy. With almost 20 years of professional experience in training (in Behaviour, Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality fields), innovation, entrepreneurship and gender equality fields, she is a researcher specialised in Diagnosis of Training Needs and actively involved in the development of innovative didactic resources. Highly experienced in the development of national and European applications, she is manager and researcher in national and European projects. Also has experience in recruitment and selection processes, psychopedagogical support and vocational guidance.

                                                                            Andreia Ribeiro
    has a degree in Psychopedagogy and a Master in Education. Her professional career was developed around education and vocational training, where she developed experience in public and private contexts in the areas of coordination of training, from the diagnosis of training needs to the development of pedagogical content. She is a trainer since 2004, in the areas of Behavioural, Pedagogical, Development and HR Management. She has experience in processes of Balance of Competences and monitoring of adults in processes of Recognition and Validation of School Competences. She also has experience in School/Formative and Vocational Guidance.

    JUST (Jordan)
                                         Fahmi Abu Al-Rub
    Prof. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub is a Member of Trustees at the Luminus Technical University College. He is a professor of chemical and biochemical engineering at Jordan University of Science Technology (JUST). Prof. Abu Al-Rub is the co-founder, with H.E. the Former Ambassador of Ireland to Jordan; Dr. Vincent, the Jordan Young Scientist-JOYS. He is the Director of the Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF). He was a Member Board of Trustees at the German Jordan University (2018-2022), and Philadelphia University (2009-2013). He was the Chairman of the Board of Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources at JUST (2018-2020). He was the Dean of Research at JUST during 2009-2013, and Vice Dean of Engineering during 2006-2009.
    Prof. Abu Al-Rub published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed top international journals and proceedings of national, regional, and international scientific conferences. The h-index and the i10-index of Prof. Abu Al-Rub according to Google Scholar are 25, and 40, respectively, with 2065 total citations. According to ResearchGate, the number of readings of Abu Al-Rub scientific works exceeds 400,000 readings.
    Prof. Abu Al-Rub is an associate editor in the international journal: Sustainable Process Engineering section of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering. He is also on the editorial board of many international journals such as Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Journal of Environment and Biotechnology Research, etc.
    Prof. Abu Al-Rub received in 2016, the King Abdullah the Second Award in Innovation, Abdel-Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers 2001: Engineering Sciences (July 2003); and the Excellence Award in Teaching/College of Engineering, 2004, UAEU. Engineering Sciences (July 2003).
    Professor Abu Al-Rub is/was a partner in more than 42 EU, FAO, and US projects with a budget exceeding 52.0 M€: Twenty-three ERASMU+ Projects, Four TEMPUS Projects, three ENI projects, two ENPI projects, Two ERANETMED projects, one FAO project, three USAID project, one PRIMA project, one Steven’s Initiative project, and one NSF project.

                                                                          Salaheddin Abu Yahya
    Salaheddin Abu Yahya, currently is a lecturer in the chemical Engineering Department at JUST. Prior to that, he was working as a professional lecturer in the Institute of Applied Technology in Abu Dhabi Polytechnic-UAE for a couple of years. Eng. Abu Yahya worked as lab instructor in the chemical Engineering Department at the Petroleum Institute/ UAE from August 2008-January 2016. From Feb 2008 –June 2008, he worked as Lab instructor at the chemical Engineering department at American University of Sharjah (AUS)- UAE. He worked as academic assistant in Qatar University (QU)/Qatar from Feb 2007-Jan 2008. Abu Yahya worked for two years as teacher assistant at CRU (College of Requirements Unit) at United Arab Emirates University, Al Ein-UAE since November 2004.
    Abu Yahya is responsible for teaching many Chemical Eng. Core courses and labs as well as updating, preparing, renewing, and evolving these courses /labs regarding. i.e. Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering, Unit Operation, Engineering Economy, Engineering Thermodynamic, Process Simulation using Aspen HYSYS, heat and mass transfer Lab, process control lab. ..etc.
    Beside his academic work, Mr. Abu yahya has participated in many researches at different countries, i.e. (JUST, Jordan), crystallization kinetic (Twente university, the Netherlands), Water desalination (Bremen university, Germany), corrosion (AUS, UAE) and Introduction to Aspen Capital Cost Estimator, EEE1011, ASPENTECH-HOUSTON, TX / USA.
    Mr. Abu Yahya is/was an active participant in more than 6 projects granted by European Union /Erasmus+. i.e. Innovation for the leather industry in Jordan and Egypt/ INNOLEA” In Portugal, “MEDDACER” project for European credit hour system in France.etc.
    Research Interests: Process Modeling using HYSYS and Mat-Lab. Thermodynamic equilibrium Leather Technology/Tanning and Quality Control Corrosion.

    BAU (Jordan)
                                                                                        Tariq Alazab
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering on Faculty of Engineering, Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU), he was a Vice President for Vocational Education (2012-2016), President Counsel for Vocational Education (2011-2012), Dean of Amman University College (2010-2011), and Dean of Al-Salt University College (2002-2010).Prof. Al Azab was Partner in one of Tempus and 3 of Erasmus+ Projects, with a budget exceeding 10,000,000 EURO. Also, Prof. Al Azab is the coordinator of Al Balqa Applied University for many Esrasmus+ projects. Moreover, he participated in organizing many workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

                                                                                  Abeer Y. Al-Hyari
    Abeer Y. Al-Hyari Dr. Abeer Y. Al-Hyari is an assistant professor of Computer Eng​ineering at Al-Balqa Applied university since 2019. Dr. Abeer also serves as dean assistant for development and quality assurance affairs at the Faculty of Engineering since 2020. Dr. Abeer served as a head of electrical engineering department for the academic year 2021-2022. Dr. Abeer holds a Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from University of Guelph/Canada (2019) and a M.Sc. in computer engineering and networks from University of Jordan (2012). Dr. Al-Hyari participated in many Erasmus projects and helped in organizing related events for them.

    PTUK (Palestine)
                                                                                     Derar Eleyan
    Dr. Eleyan has a good relevant diversity experience in academic and industry. He has a PhD in Information Systems and Msc in Business Information Technology. Dr. Eleyan is a full professor and recently working as a president Assistant at PTUK. He served five years as an assistant professor at Birzeit University in the Department of Computer Science teaching variety of courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has worked also as lecturer and course team leader in computing at South East Essex college of Arts and Technology where he taught various modules as, information system, project management, database, web database, and website management, Computer and Business Ethics, Research methods. He has a good expertise as an Information Systems Consultant at BAS Computer Systems a private company since 2003 till 2006. On 2006, He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Manchester, teaching an MSc course of Enterprise System Modelling, collaborating with Prof. Loucopoulos. He has served as an external reviewer to some conferences and international journals in information science, information systems and business process modelling. His research interests focuses in System dynamics, software quality, Information Systems, Business Process Modelling, Customer service and satisfaction and return on investment, information technology management, IT project management, Quality of Service, Academic quality and performance evaluation, Business and computer ethics, Software testing quality assurance, Usability and e-commerce websites, Web decision systems. He is a member of some societies as British Computer Society(BCS), Institute for Learning (IFL), Systems Dynamics Society (SDS).

    PTCDB (Palestine)
                                                                                         Ahmed Elagha
    He worked as a College Dean for more than two years from 2000 to 2002. He has an experience in the academic field lecturing for advanced computer sciences courses. Mr. Elagha is a recipient of the Chevening UK scholarship in the area of Computer and Network Securities. He has supervised and coordinated many local and international projects. His main research interest is Web engineering Currently working as the Head of Project Department at PTCDB. Mr.Elagha coordinated many projects from many international institutions such the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the German Development Bank (KFW), the Belgian Development Agency (ENABLEl), UNDP and others to support the VET sectors and programs in PTCDB>

                                               Mohammed Abuhatab
    He worked as a Vice Dean of Academic affairs of PTCDB from September 2016 to September 2021, and worked as a head of continuing education department and Engineering and head of Profession Department during 2001- 2016. Currently, he is working at PTCDB as a lecturer at the department of communication and industrial automation. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience.

                                                Khaled H. A. AbuQuta
    He is currently the head of television media and Fashion design departments at PTCDB , He worked as a lecturer in PTCDB since 2000, and he worked as a lecturer (part -time) in Al - Aqsa University. He participate in various administrative and scientific committees at PTCDB. He Published many scientific researches in several scientific journals. He directed several episodes of television programs "live and recorded" for many Arab satellite channels through the local television production companies . He participate in the direction and editing of many Palestinian motion and documentary films . He worked in designing and installation of many television and radio studios in terms of sound insulation and equipment, including Palestine Technical College studio - Deir El - Balah(2000), Al -Aqsa University studio (2003), Al Quds Satellite Channel studio(2008) , Al Muntada Satellite Channel studio(2009 ) .

                                                Alaa A. Abu Mezied
    He is currently the head of public relations department in PTCDB since 2016 . He has more than 18 years of teaching experience in Multimedia & Graphics design field. He worked as a programmer and graphic designer in the priv a t e sector.

                                                                           Sobhi Abdulqader
    He is currently a Multimedia Lecturer at PTCDB since 2017, he worked as a part time lecturer at Islamic University in Gaza multimedia field. He worked as a 3 D design trainer at Media House for media in Gaza for 7 years

                                                                     Mohammed Shaban
    He is currently a Lecturer & graphics artist at PTCDB, also he is a lecturer at UCAS (Part - time), he worked as a trainer in graphics design field in many institutions such as lNECC – ,ACT, and Al Salam GAZA , Islamic University Training Group, he worked at Ministry Of Culture as ART DIRECTOR.

                                                                                   JIHAN M. A. SARSOUR
    She is currently a Fashion design lecturer at PTCDB She worked in governmental technical schools as a teacher in sewing and fashion design field.

                                                                        Samaher Abu Masoud
    She is working as an administrative employee at project department , at PTCDB since 2015. She worked as an administrative employee at personnel department at Directorate of Education, Khan Yunis, since 2004-2015. She worked as a secretary at Project department at UNRWA Office in Gaza , from 2003-2004

                                                                                        Aziza Mossabeh
    She is working as a lecturer at PTCDB and UCAS ,in sewing and fashion design field (parttime). She worked as a trainer in many institutions like (UNDP-GIZ-- UNICEF) in fashion design and tailoring . She is the manager of Dar Organza, which is the first fashion house in Gaza Strip.

                                                                                               Khalil Khudair
    He worked as a trainer for more than one year at PTCDB in the field of developing fashion design and clothing industry. He worked in training in the economic empowerment project in the field of vocational training. Also he worked in training Gaza Community College and Gaza Training College – UNRWA. He was a certified trainer at Hala Palestine Center for Training and Development for 3 years.
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