• ​​3DGarT is an Erasmus+ project that aims at modernizing the offered initial and continuous VET training in the garment sector in Jordan and Palestine, by incorporating the principles of 3D Garment Design into the curricula of Initial VET training and also in advancing the knowledge of existing employees in design departments. The project will draw knowledge from the participating HEIs and training providers, which offer courses on 3D Garment design, adapt it to the needs of VET providers and Final Users and transform it into curriculum, profile design and training reform actions for newcomers and for existing employees. It will improve the level of competences, skills and employability potential of VET learners by developing new and innovative VET education programs, by delivering key competences and ICT skills related to 3D garment design.

    The main objective of the project are to establish innovative Lab centers for creativity and design "Garment and Fashion Design Center" in Jordan and Palestine, that will design and implement comprehensive training programs for students, semi-skilled workers, trainers, stakeholders based on the assessment of needs, and expert knowledge acquired through the collaboration among the partners of the project.

    Work is accomplished in 6 work packages, and the consortium consists of HEIs, a Technical College, NPOs and a Technological Centre, specialized​ in training for the textile and garment sector.​

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