• Work Package 6: Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability


    Duration: M1 – M36 Lead Beneficiary: 3 – CIAPE, 5 – JUST



    • To disseminate information of the activities of the project and to communicate its outcomes to the audiences including the media and the public.
    • To effectively attract and engage stakeholders and target groups (newcomers to the field of 3D design, designers- professionals and employees, willing to reskill or upskill into 3D garment design, VET providers, HEI academics in the field, students of Technical Schools or HEIs willing to receive extra training on 3D design training) in the activities of the project and the scheduled results of the project
    • To ensure the viability of the 3DGarT Labs after the project has ended

    •  Developing a Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Strategy
    • Creation of the project website, the project Facebook and other social media pages
    • Elaborations of 6 periodic newsletters
    • Elaboration of the basic dissemination materials (logo, leaflets, banners)
    • Setting up and maintaining the Advisory Board
    • Organization of (and participation in) workshops, info-days, dissemination events
    • Organizing the final conference in Jordan and Palestine

    Milestones and deliverables

    Mile stones:

    • Logo created
    • Dissemination Exploitation and Sustainability Plan
    • Project social media accounts
    • Project website created
    • Newsletters created every 6 months
    • Leaflets & banners printed
    • Events organized
    • Final conference organized in Jordan


    • Dissemination Exploitation and Sustainability Plan
    • (6) periodic newsletters
    • Project website
    • (8) Events/infodays, (2) per HEI
    • (1) Final conference
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