• Work Package 5: Project Quality Control and Quality Assurance


    Duration: M1 – M36 Lead Beneficiary: 7-PTUK



    • To determine whether the project planning and implementation are effective and the planned results and expected impact are met;
    • To define quality and evaluation mechanisms and criteria and through them, supervising the quality of project deliverables as well as their consistency with end users
    • To have an objective assessment/validation of the project deliverables by the external auditor 

    •  Setting up the Quality Committee
    • Production of the Quality and Evaluation Plan,
    • Selection of the external auditor
    • Production of the Internal Quality Reports
    • Receiving and acting on the External Auditor Report.

    Milestones and deliverables

    Mile stones:

    • Quality Committee appointed
    • Quality plan drafted
    • External Quality Auditor contract signed
    • Internal quality reports drafted every 6 months
    • External Auditor Reports received once a year


    • Quality plan
    • Internal quality reports
    • External Auditor Reports
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