• Work Package 2: Preparation and implementation of the capacity building


    Duration: M2 – M18 Lead Beneficiary: 2-IHU




    • To confirm the data gathered during the needs' analysis study during the project proposal preparation
    • To compile the final training curricula as specified by the needs of the centres and additional topics deemed important for the further improvement of the sector
    • To train potential experts of the 3DGART Labs and trainers of the 3D Garment Design courses




    • Preparation of baseline study
    • Development of the training methodology and syllabus (capacity building plan) for the trainers of the "Garment and Fashion Design Center"
    • Development of training materials
    • Advanced training of staff in EU




    Milestones and deliverables


    Mile stones:

    • Baseline study prepared
    • Capacity Building plan developed (M6)
    • Training material created
    • Training in GREECE & PORTUGAL



    • Capacity building plan
    • Set of training materials
    • Training in EU premises
    • Training reports
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