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    The specific objectives of the projects are to:

    • Establish innovative vocational lab centers for creativity and design "Garment and Fashion Design Center" in both countries (Jordan and Palestine) to positively impact and support the textile industry stakeholders by providing technical support to the sector through the access to a cross-border network with regional and international partners and business linkages. The centers will provide stakeholders and beneficiaries with latest technologies and innovation trends in the fashion design sector such 3D design and printing, virtual reality for dressing, sustainable fashion, and provide innovation capabilities by upgrading essential supply chain sectors such as management, design, and manufacturing methods. The center will be procuring advanced technical equipment and software applications to provide the services required.
    • Produce high-quality vocational program courses with the integration of Work Based Learning (WBL) approach and entrepreneurship skills development according to the labor​ market needs and based on methods and techniques obtained from local and regional expert partners and stakeholders.
    • Designing and implementing comprehensive training programs for students, semi-skilled workers, trainers, stakeholders based on the assessment of needs including study tours for selected participants to an internationally renowned fashion institution.
    • Developing and implementing promotional and marketing strategies and materials including a market outlook, and assisting workshops/entrepreneurs to consolidate business linkages with local and international markets for enhanced access opportunities through the participation to fashion weeks/trade-shows and the establishment of B2B and networking.​​

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